Demand Response and Smart Grid

Demand Response & Smart Grid

Demand Response & Smart Grid
The Electricity Markets and Policy Group conducts public interest research on the smart grid and concepts, technologies and operating practices it enables from a market, policy, cost, benefit, and performance perspective. Through funding from the US Department of Energy, we provide technical assistance and research to state and federal policymakers, international organizations, the electric utility industry, academics, and others. Our work in these core areas focuses on analysis of smart grid policies and programs as well as customer response to time-based retail rate designs.

The majority of our work falls into the following three areas:

Primary Research on Design, Implementation, Evaluation, and Cost Benefit Analysis

EMP works with utilities and ISO/RTOs to help electric industry policymakers and stakeholders better understand key elements of demand response rate and program opportunities as well as technologies enabled by advanced metering infrastructure by conveying results of our rigorous analysis, experiences and best practices in the following areas:

Principal Investigator(s):

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