Grid Operations, Integration, & Infrastructure

Informing utility-scale renewable energy and storage deployment

Grid Operations, Integration, & Infrastructure

We advance understanding of strategies to reliably integrate and interconnect renewable energy into the power system, as well as methods to value grid assets.

Utility-scale renewable energy and storage technologies present new issues for power system operations and planning. EMP works to increase understanding of strategies to integrate and interconnect renewable energy into the power system while maintaining system reliability. We also promote understanding of the grid operation and infrastructure required for decarbonization and electrification, and advance methods to value grid assets.

EMP’s work includes evaluating the impact of renewable energy and storage on transmission infrastructure needs and costs; assessing the need for and value of investing in sources of flexibility (such as demand response, flexible conventional generation, and storage) as renewable energy increases; analyzing the variability and uncertainty of wind and solar generation and related impacts on power system pricing, operations, and resource valuation; and exploring key trends in generator interconnection and hybrid power plants.

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