Energy Equity

Informing and advancing an equitable energy system for all

What We Do

EMP provides cross-cutting research and technical assistance that addresses energy system impacts on people and communities and applies equity principles to energy system decision-making.

Our Approach

Creating a more equitable energy system requires evaluating how energy programs and practices distribute economic and environmental benefits, and whether energy technologies can be better accessed equitably across social and demographic groups. EMP’s research and technical assistance supports the design and implementation of equitable energy programs that benefit people and communities. We seek to inform decision-makers, regulators, project developers, and communities with a better understanding of the drivers and current distribution of energy sector costs and benefits. Our focus includes program and policy design as well as procedural aspects of decision-making.

EMP’s work spans household-level topics such as clean energy deployment and energy affordability, as well as higher-level research on community and regional impacts and policy and utility regulation. We have also supported stakeholders interested in equity programs by providing resources on metrics and evaluation as well as dedicated technical assistance. With our advisory group of community organizations and industry experts, we strive to ensure that our work is actionable, informative, and relevant for our audience. Specific areas of focus include clean energy deployment, community and regional impacts, energy affordability, policy and utility regulation, and metrics and evaluation.

Selected Projects

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Recent Publications

Gilbert, Ben, Ben Hoen, and Hannah Gagarin."Distributional Equity in the Employment and Wage Impacts of Energy Transitions."Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2024).
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