Call for Applications: Technical Assistance to State Public Utility Commissions

August 17, 2021

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), in partnership with five national labs, is announcing a new opportunity for state public utility commissions (PUCs) to receive high-impact, in-depth technical assistance from national labs over the course of 12-24 months to beginning in early 2022. The program’s goal is to help state regulators address a wide variety of challenges facing the electricity industry including:

  • Rapid technological advancements;
  • The emerging roles of both customers and third-parties in the generation and management of electricity;
  • The convergence of operations, markets, and planning across the bulk-power and distribution system domains;
  • Considerations for addressing the climate crisis; and
  • Enhancing the equity, affordability, security, and resilience of the electric grid. 

Types of assistance offered and activities supported will include: technical analysis through the use of National Lab staff and their modeling capabilities; reports or white papers; stakeholder-convened discussions; education and training through workshops and webinars; and consultations with topical experts. 

Apply by 5 PM EDT on September 28, 2021. The online application form and additional details can be found at

Join us for a public webinar on Thursday, August 26, 2021, from 1-2 PM EDT. The webinar will be jointly hosted by DOE, the National Labs, and National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), and will provide details about the program and the application process, as well as answer questions. Register for the webinar at

There will also be a series of virtual office hours where applicants can get answers to more specific questions concerning their unique proposals. Applicants will need to reserve a 30-minute time slot during any of the five dates listed below. Details for reserving a time slot during the virtual office hours can be found at Please note that virtual office hours are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021, from 9-11 AM EDT 
Tuesday, September 7, 2021, from 2-4 PM EDT
Tuesday, September 14, 2021, from 1-3 PM EDT
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, from 2-4 PM EDT
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, from 4-6 PM EDT

Any additional inquiries about the technical assistance program and the application process can also be directed to the program’s dedicated email account or to any of the National Laboratory contacts listed below: 

Peter Cappers (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) (315) 637-0513
Juliet Homer (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) (509) 375-2698
Michael Ingram (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) (303) 275-3231
Todd Levin (Argonne National Laboratory) (847) 644-2052
Thomas Harrison (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) (865) 241-2991


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