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Berkeley Lab report provides a step-by-step process to promote successful utility pilots


Since at least the late 1970s, electric utilities and their regulators have recognized the value of experimentation to motivate innovation. The industry has a long history of using pilots to help inform future decision making about electric utility rates, customer technology adoption and integration, and even changes to the utility’s regulatory or business model.

Final report summarizing results of eleven Smart Grid Investment Grant funded consumer behavior studies of time-based rates


Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the electric power industry have jointly invested over $7.9 billion in 99 cost-shared Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) projects.

WEBINAR: Overview and Preliminary Results of ARRA-Funded SGIG Consumer Behavior Studies


This webinar was hosted by the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action) Working Group on Evaluation, Measurement and Verification on April 23rd, 2014.

Lab Scientists Study the Human Side of the Energy Equation


If your utility company were to send you a letter challenging you to use less energy than your neighbors, would you respond? How would you decide whether to buy a refrigerator that is slightly more expensive but consumes significantly less energy? At Berkeley Lab scientists and engineers are pursuing a broad spectrum of technological solutions for using less energy. 

Making Behavioral Savings Count – the Right Way


Residential behavior-based energy-efficiency programs have been identified as a potential major source of new energy savings. A new report and presentation by EMP researchers provides guidance on methodologies for rigorously estimating those savings.

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