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New Berkeley Lab Report Quantifies the Drivers of Wholesale Power Price Changes


Wholesale power market prices have fallen dramatically in all organized markets in the past decade:
Wind and solar power, despite their rapid growth, are just two of numerous factors that influence local pricing patterns

Articles yield insights into Americans living near wind projects, including their attitudes and levels of annoyance


Five journal articles analyze data from the comprehensive U.S. wind survey 



The Electricity Markets and Policy Group is seeking a brilliant and passionate researcher to join our team at Berkeley Lab



The Electricity Markets and Policy Group is seeking a researcher/program manager to join our team at Berkeley Lab.

Distributed Solar Prices Continue to Fall as Systems Become Larger and More Efficient


The latest edition of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s annual Tracking the Sun report finds that prices for distributed solar power systems continued to fall in 2018, that industry practices continue to evolve, and that systems are getting bigger and more efficient.

New Study Finds Energy Efficiency May Help Utilities Meet Peak Demand at Relatively Low Cost


With rising peak demand for electricity in many regions of the country, utilities and states are increasingly interested in understanding how efficiency programs contribute toward electricity system reliability and resilience at the most affordable cost. According to a new study by Berkeley Lab, these programs appear to be a relatively low-cost way for utilities to meet peak demand, compared to the capital cost of other resources.

New report develops simple methods to explore the resource adequacy contribution of solar and storage


Resource adequacy contribution of solar and storage depends on the configuration

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new report titled “Drivers of the Resource Adequacy Contribution of Solar and Storage for Florida Municipal Utilities.” This report describes relatively simple methods for estimating the resource adequacy contribution of solar and storage. Simple methods can be useful for many utilities and regions addressing similar questions prior to evaluation of specific cases that require more detailed and resource-intensive modeling.

New National Lab Study Quantifies the Cost of Transmission for Renewable Energy


We are pleased to announce a new study conducted by Berkeley Lab entitled Improving estimates of transmission capital costs for utility-scale wind and solar projects to inform renewable energy policy, which has been accepted for publication in the journal Energy Policy.

Online Tool Helps Estimate Power Outage Costs


Several researchers in the Electricity Markets & Policy (EMP) Group have responded to a variety of media requests during the unprecedented Public Safety Power Shutoff in Northern California starting October 9th, 2019.

Webinar Announcement: Commercial Rooftop Solar Energy Market Installation Trends


A characterization of an emerging market

Register now for a free webinar, Thursday, October 3, 2019, at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific at:  


New study finds that the expected useful life of wind projects has increased to 30 years


Wind professionals report that the assumed useful life of wind projects has increased over time, to 30 years in most cases

Longer useful lives can boost expected project profitability, and reduce levelized costs

New Berkeley Lab Study on the Customer Economics of Behind-the-Meter Storage and Rate Design

Event Date: 9/5/2019 10:00am

We are pleased to announce a new Berkeley Lab study, Implications of Rate Design for the Customer-Economics of Behind-the-Meter Storage.



The Electricity Markets and Policy Group is seeking an experienced, interdisciplinary researcher to join our team at Berkeley Lab.  

New report finds attractive wind energy prices, at under 2¢/kWh on average


Annual DOE Report Finds that Wind Energy Is Being Sold at Record-Low Prices

We are pleased to announce the release of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s “2018 Wind Technologies Market Report,” which provides an annual overview of trends in the U.S. wind power market.

New Berkeley Lab Report on Trends in Retail Rate Design


We are pleased to announce the release of a new report from Berkeley Lab describing current trends in retail rate design, and implications of those trends for distributed energy resources (DERs).

WEBINAR Announcement: Impacts of Variable Renewable Energy on Wholesale Power Prices: Implications for the Merchant Market Value of Wind and Solar

Event Date: 7/25/2019 10:00am

The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) is hosting a free webinar on July 25 that features research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Specifically, Ryan Wiser will be presenting research on the impacts of variable renewable energy on wholesale power prices, with an emphasis on the implications of these price impacts for the grid-system value of wind and solar.

New Resource for Local Governments on Roles and Risks in Financing Energy Upgrades for Commercial Buildings Using C-PACE Financing


Nearly three-fourths of U.S. states have authorized local governments to use a voluntary special assessment on commercial property tax bills to help finance energy improvements that may boost economic development, create jobs, increase property values and advance energy goals. “Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy,” or “C-PACE,” financing allows building owners to repay the borrowed capital — from private or public sources — over time using their property as security.

Wind experts report that average operating expenses for land-based wind projects have declined by ~50% over the last two decades


Study suggests that future improvements may contribute 10% or more to total cost reductions

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new article in the journal Renewable Energy Focus. This work draws on a survey of wind industry professionals to clarify trends in the operational expenditures (OpEx) of U.S. land-based wind power plants.


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