Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division

Understanding the Impact of Distributed Photovoltaic Adoption on Utility Revenues and Retail Electricity Tariffs in Thailand

Estimating the cost of saving electricity through U.S. utility customer-funded energy efficiency programs

Barriers and Opportunities to Broader Adoption of Integrated Demand Side Management at Electric Utilities: A Scoping Study

SEE Action Guide for States: Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Frameworks—Guidance for Energy Efficiency Portfolios Funded by Utility Customers

Midwest Distribution Systems & Planning Training

Exploring the prediction of wind turbine audibility and sound annoyance with A-weighted sound levels

Do Wind Turbines Make Good Neighbors? Results from a Nationwide Survey of Residents Living Near U.S. Wind Power Projects

Reconsidering Barriers to Wind Power Projects: Community Engagement, Developer Transparency and Place


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