Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division

Frontiers in the Economics of Widespread, Long-Duration Power Interruptions: Proceedings from an Expert Workshop

Accelerating the Deployment of Anaerobic Digestion to Meet Zero Waste Goals

The Future of U.S. Electricity Efficiency Programs Funded by Utility Customers: Program Spending and Savings Projections to 2030

Diffusion of Innovations: Interplay of Social, Economic, Technological, and Policy Drivers in the Solar Industry—Summary of UT Austin Student Capstone Research Projects

GeoVision Analysis: Impacts Task Force Report—The Employment Opportunities, Water Impacts, Emission Reductions, and Air Quality Improvements of Achieving High Penetrations of Geothermal Power in the United States

Tracking the Sun: Installed Price Trends for Distributed Photovoltaic Systems in the United States - 2018 Edition


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