Lisa Schwartz

Lisa Schwartz

Strategic Advisor: Energy Markets & Policy Department
Policy Researcher V


Lisa Schwartz is a Senior Policy Researcher and Strategic Advisor for the Energy Markets and Policy Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Her work spans utility regulation, electricity system planning, energy efficiency and other distributed energy resources. She leads research, technical assistance and training for states on integrated distribution system planning. She also leads Berkeley Lab's innovative Future Electric Utility Regulation report series, tapping leading thinkers to provide multiple perspectives on complex regulatory issues for the electricity sector to inform ongoing discussion and debate.

Lisa received the 2018 Mary Kilmarx Award from the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, in recognition of individuals “who have gone above and beyond in the name of good governance, clean energy, and the environment.”

Before joining Berkeley Lab, Lisa was Director of the Oregon Department of Energy, overseeing state programs to advance energy efficiency, renewable energy and alternative transportation fuels, as well as energy facility siting, nuclear safety and energy emergency preparedness. She also provided leadership on state energy policy and guided the agency’s analytical work.

As a senior associate at the Regulatory Assistance Project, Lisa coordinated technical assistance for consumer behavior studies funded by U.S. Department of Energy to evaluate the impact of time-varying rates and smart grid technology on energy use, worked with Berkeley Lab to evaluate energy efficiency and other demand-side resources in Western U.S. transmission planning, and assisted states in areas such as energy efficiency and distributed generation. She also led Western Governors’ Association projects to explore coordinating utility resource procurement with regional transmission needs, identify least-cost ways to integrate wind and solar, and assess energy efficiency and other policies to complement the Western Climate Initiative’s proposed cap and trade program.

At the Oregon Public Utility Commission, Lisa led staff work on resource planning and acquisition, distributed generation, renewable resources, demand response and advanced metering infrastructure. As a senior policy analyst at Oregon Department of Energy, she helped establish stable funding and independent administration for energy efficiency programs for utility customers, led a project to conserve both water and energy, and directed an annual energy efficiency campaign with utilities and retailers. She began her energy career as assistant administrator of the Oregon State University Extension Energy Program.

Lisa has served on committees in the Western U.S. and nationally, including:

  • Western Interstate Energy Board
  • Western Electricity Coordinating Council's Transmission Expansion Planning Policy Committee
  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Board of Directors
  • National Association of State Energy Officials’ Government Affairs Committee
  • National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Staff Subcommittee on Energy Resources and the Environment
  • SEE Action Network working groups

Lisa has authored numerous publications on energy efficiency, demand response, smart grid, distributed generation, renewable resources, transmission, rate design and electricity markets and has presented throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Lisa received an M.S. in Land Resources from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a B.S. in Environmental Studies from George Washington University.


2018 Mary Kilmarx Award -  February 11th 2019

Lisa Schwartz, Deputy Leader and Energy Efficiency Team Leader in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group, received the 2018 Mary Kilmarx Award from the Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).

The award is given to "individuals who have gone above and beyond in the name of good government, clean energy, and the environment." The award was presented on February 11, 2019 during NARUC’s 2019 Winter Policy Summit in Washington, DC.

"Lisa Schwartz has been a dedicated and tireless champion, supporter, expert, and trail blazer for positive regulatory innovation across the states,” the Committee said in announcing the award. They cited her leadership on energy efficiency policy and the technical assistance she provides to states. They also lauded her Future Electric Utility Regulation report series and the training and education she manages for states on distribution system planning.

Spot: Lisa Schwartz -  April 26th 2016

Outstanding contributions to the preparation and completion of the Electricity End Uses, Energy Efficiency, and Distributed Energy Resources Baseline Report.