Umed Paliwal

Umed Paliwal

Principal Scientific Engineer Associate


Umed Paliwal is a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate in the International Energy Analysis Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is also an Affiliate and Senior Scientist at the Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley.

He conducts research on ways to integrate high share of renewables on the grid and its impact on reliability and electricity prices. He holds a Master of Public Policy from UC Berkeley where he focused on energy markets, regulation, power systems modeling and data analytics. Prior to coming to Berkeley, he was an Analytics Consultant at a financial services firm. Paliwal did his undergraduate studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India) where he worked for two years on a project to develop emission inventory of Black Carbon and modeling its concentration in India.


Societal Impact Award: IEAD Power and Transport Team -  November 18th 2021

Recognizing the pathbreaking research done by Amol Phadke, Nikit Abhyankar, and Umed Paliwal in decarbonization of the US grid and transportation systems which laid the foundation for the United States’ Nationally Determined Contribution and goal of 100% clean electricity by 2035.

Spot: Power Systems Analysis Team -  September 2nd 2020

Extraordinary contributions to advance power systems analysis and capabilities at LBL