Economic Value of Reliability & Resilience

EMP sponsors a publicly available web-based tool, the Interruption Cost Estimation (ICE) Calculator, which provides information to decision makers on the economic costs of power interruptions to businesses and residences.

The economic costs that power interruptions impose on businesses and residences are a critical consideration when making decisions that affect the future reliability and resilience of the electric power system. The Interruption Cost Estimation (ICE) Calculator, a Berkeley Lab-sponsored, publicly available web-based tool, provides decision makers with information they need to analyze those economic costs of power interruptions. Based on more than 20 years of utility-sponsored surveys on the costs of power interruptions to customers, Berkeley Lab developed the tool through close partnerships with industry. To ensure its continued effectiveness, EMP continues to augment it with research on the latest methods for collecting and developing information on the economic consequences of power interruptions on businesses, residences, and society at large.






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