Energy Saving Performance Contracting


LBNL assesses ESCO industry performance and market trends and manages the largest database of ESCO projects in the world.

Policymakers, state and local energy officials, and other stakeholders are partnering with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to achieve significant energy and water savings primarily in public and institutional sector facilities. ESCOs are typically able to deliver cost-effective savings to end-use customers primarily through the use of performance-based contracting where ESCOs guarantee annual savings levels. LBNL and the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) work together to develop strategic assessments of ESCO industry performance and market trends and to collect project-level information from ESCOs, their customers, and government agencies.

In addition to providing analysis of ESCO industry project performance, and conducting periodic surveys of ESCO industry executives, LBNL manages the largest database of ESCO project-level information in the world, with more than 4,000 projects going back more than twenty years. LBNL frequently responds to public requests for information from this database, including investment levels, estimated and actual project performance, deployment of energy-related technologies, and economic benefits to customers and society, in various market segments and locations. LBNL is currently developing a secure, web-based portal which standardizes the collection and reporting of energy savings performance contracts data. This online tool, the ESCO Project Analysis and Reporting System (E-PARS) also provides statistics from the ESCO database, enabling agencies to quickly benchmark the estimated performance of proposed retrofits against normalized historical data.

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