Grid Operations, Infrastructure, and Valuation

Renewable energy technologies present distinct challenges for power system operations and planning, complicating assessments of grid-system value. Wind and solar, for example, are location-dependent, have variable output profiles, and have low marginal-costs—all of which influence grid operations, planning and wholesale market prices. The EMP Department:

  • Works to increase understanding of strategies to reliably integrate renewable energy into the power system, while also advancing methods for grid-system valuation
  • Evaluates the impact of renewable energy on transmission infrastructure needs and costs, as well as on the bulk power system more generally
  • Assesses the need for and value of investing in sources of flexibility—including demand response, flexible conventional generation, and storage—as renewable energy increases
  • Analyzes the variability and uncertainty of wind and solar generation and related impact on power system operations and resource valuation (Solar-to-Grid)
  • Provides technical assistance on studies of grid operations and valuation with high levels of variable renewable energy
  • Synthesizes foundational empirical data on trends in system impacts, reliability and market value of wind and solar
  • Compiles and analyzes interconnection queue and interconnection cost data from transmission system operators across the U.S.
  • Tracks the status of installed and proposed hybrid power plants with an annually-updated briefing report




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Queued Up: Characteristics of Power Plants Seeking Transmission Interconnection, Hybrid Power Plants: Status of Operating and Proposed Plants

Hybrid Power Plants: Status of Operating and Proposed Plants

Grid Operations, Infrastructure, and Valuation

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