Renewables Portfolio Standards Resources

Berkeley Lab tracks and analyzes state renewables portfolio standards (RPS), in order to inform policy-makers, program administrators, and others about the design and impacts of these policies. A central element to this work is Berkeley Lab’s U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards Annual Status Update, an annual report published in slide-deck form that describes key trends, including recent legislative revisions, RPS policy design features, past and projected impacts on renewables development, compliance with interim targets, and compliance costs.

Data files associated with several elements of this report are also available for download and are updated periodically:

In addition, Berkeley Lab regularly conducts topical analyses of RPS-related issues, including several recent studies evaluating the costs and benefits of state RPS policies, conducted jointly with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Drawing on this varied body of work, Berkeley Lab staff routinely provide briefings on RPS policies to state policy-makers, renewable energy stakeholders, and others.






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