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Potter, Jennifer, Elizabeth Stuart, and Peter Cappers. Barriers and Opportunities to Broader Adoption of Integrated Demand Side Management at Electric Utilities: A Scoping Study. 2018. LBNL-2001110. Report PDF (1.7 MB)
Eto, Joseph H, John Undrill, Peter Mackin, and Jeffrey Ellis. Frequency Control Requirements for Reliable Interconnection Frequency Response. 2018. LBNL-2001103. Report PDF (2.83 MB) Executive Summary PDF (573.51 KB)
Schwartz, Lisa C, Emma M Stewart, Kevin Schneider, Michael Coddington, Joe Paladino, Barry Mather, Michael Kintner-Meyer, Joseph H Eto, Mark Newton Lowry, Andrew D Mills, Debbie Lew, Lavelle AA Freeman, John J Miller, Randy Berry, and Rebecca O'Neil. "Midwest Distribution Systems & Planning Training." 2018. Agenda PDF (343.5 KB) Distribution Systems 101 Presentation PDF (4.69 MB) Utility Distribution Planning 101 Presentation PDF (2.31 MB) Considerations for a Modern Distribution Grid Presentation PDF (1.31 MB) Distributed Energy Resources (DER) (4.12 MB) Distribution System Control and Automation Presentation PDF (3.28 MB) Metrics and Valuation Framework for System Planning and Proposed Investments Presentation PDF (2.75 MB) Reliability Metrics and Reliability Value-Based Planning Presentation PDF (1.56 MB) PUC Distribution Planning Practices Presentation PDF (1.77 MB) Regulation of Modernizing Power Distributors: Lessons From Performance- Based Regulation Research Presentation PDF (1.9 MB) Forecasting load on the distribution and transmission system with distributed energy resources Presentation PDF (1.91 MB) Emerging distribution planning analyses Presentation PDF (4.73 MB) Walk-through of long-term utility distribution plans Presentation PDF (5.72 MB) Impacts of DER on Transmission Systems Presentation PDF (1.61 MB)
Roberts, Ciaran. Review of International Grid Codes. 2018. LBNL-2001104. PDF (2.33 MB)
Schiller, Steven R, and Tom Eckman. SEE Action Guide for States: Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Frameworks—Guidance for Energy Efficiency Portfolios Funded by Utility Customers. 2018. Report PDF (9.21 MB)
Moné, Christopher, Maureen M. Hand, Mark Bolinger, Joseph Rand, Donna Heimiller, and Jonathan Ho. 2015 Cost of Wind Energy Review. 2017. LBNL-1007296. Report PDF (3.25 MB)
Wiser, Ryan H, and Mark Bolinger. 2016 Wind Technologies Market Report. 2017. LBNL-2001042. Report PDF (3.24 MB) Data File XLS (238 KB) Presentation PDF (2.37 MB)
Schiller, Steven R, Michael Li, Arlis Reynolds, Ellen Fraconi, and Tim Guiterman. "Advances in Efficiency EM&V - DOE’s Uniform Methods Project and M&V 2.0." 2017. Webinar PDF (3.58 MB)
Schiller, Steven R, Snuller Price, Tom Eckman, Deborah Reynolds, and Jamie Barber. "Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Portfolios." 2017. Presentation PDF (2.3 MB)
Cutter, Eric, Kiran Chawla, and Ian M Hoffman. Better Buildings Residential Energy Efficiency Cost-Effectiveness Tool Version 2.0. 2017. LBNL-1007298. CE Model XLSM (10.39 MB) Presentation PDF (1020.66 KB) CE Tool User Instructions PDF (788.34 KB) CE Tool FAQs PDF (423.28 KB) CE Tool Glossary PDF (364.42 KB)
Bolinger, Mark. Bookending the Opportunity to Lower Wind’s LCOE by Reducing the Uncertainty Surrounding Annual Energy Production. 2017. LBNL-2001028. Report PDF (1.13 MB)
Millstein, Dev, Ryan H Wiser, Mark Bolinger, and Galen L Barbose. "The climate and air-quality benefits of wind and solar power in the United States." Nature Energy 2 (2017).
Deason, Jeff. "Comparative Evaluation of Financing Programs: Insights From California’s Experience." 2017. LBNL-2001040. Brief PDF (971.06 KB)
Schiller, Steven R, Michael Li, Molly Cripps, Rodney Sobin, Peter L Therkelsen, and Elizabeth Stuart. "Consistency and Coordination of Energy Efficiency EM&V and Reporting." Energy Efficiency EM&V Webinar Series 2017. Webinar PDF (6.13 MB)
Lazar, Alina, Ling Jin, Anna C. Spurlock, Annika Todd, Kesheng Wu, and Alex Sim. "Data quality challenges with missing values and mixed types in joint sequence analysis." 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data). Boston, MA, USA: IEEE, 2017.
Potter, Jennifer, and Peter Cappers. Demand Response Advanced Controls Framework and Assessment of Enabling Technology Costs. 2017. LBNL-2001044. Report PDF (1.39 MB) User Manual PDF (500.89 KB) Database XLS (249.4 KB) Presentation PDF (1.62 MB)
Hoffman, Ian M. Electricity Costs: Rates, Bills, and Burdens. 2017. Fact Sheet PDF (1.73 MB)
Schwartz, Lisa C, Max Wei, William R Morrow, III, Jeff Deason, Steven R Schiller, Greg Leventis, Sarah Josephine Smith, Woei Ling Leow, Todd Levin, Steven Plotkin, Yan Zhou, and Joseph Teng. Electricity end uses, energy efficiency, and distributed energy resources baseline. 2017. LBNL‐ 1006983. Report PDF (10.57 MB) Executive Summary PDF (1.23 MB) Residential Sector Chapter PDF (2.75 MB) Commercial Sector Chapter PDF (3 MB) Industrial Sector Chapter PDF (2.2 MB) Transportation Sector Chapter PDF (2.41 MB) Distributed Energy Resources Chapter PDF (3.97 MB) Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Appendix PDF (2.67 MB)
Leventis, Greg, Chris Kramer, and Lisa C Schwartz. Energy Efficiency Financing for Low- and Moderate-Income Households: Current State of the Market, Issues, and Opportunities. 2017. LBNL-2001045. Report PDF (1.18 MB)
Leventis, Greg, Steven R Schiller, Chris Kramer, and Lisa C Schwartz. "Energy Upgrades at City-Owned Facilities: Understanding Accounting for Energy Efficiency Financing Options." 2017. LBNL-2001046. Fact Sheet PDF (849.91 KB)
Hoffman, Ian M, Charles A Goldman, Gregory M Rybka, Greg Leventis, Lisa C Schwartz, Alan H Sanstad, and Steven R Schiller. "Estimating the cost of saving electricity through U.S. utility customer-funded energy efficiency programs." Energy Policy 104 (2017) 1-12.
LaCommare, Kristina Hamachi, Peter H Larsen, and Joseph H Eto. Evaluating Proposed Investments in Power System Reliability and Resilience: Preliminary Results from Interviews with Public Utility Commission Staff. 2017. LBNL- 1006971. Report PDF (911.32 KB)