GeoVision Analysis Supporting Task Force Report: Impacts

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The GeoVision describes a future in which technological improvements, reduced costs, decreased regulatory burdens, and other factors lead to a dramatic increase of geothermal resources for electricity generation and for directly heating and cooling buildings. If the GeoVision is achieved it will benefit various stakeholders within the geothermal electricity and geothermal heat pump (GHP) sectors. In this report, we evaluate whether achieving the GeoVision will provide substantial benefits to the country beyond the direct benefits to the geothermal industry. We perform this evaluation by quantifying a set of impacts of achieving the GeoVision. In the GeoVision, the expanded use of geothermal power leads to the development of a new industrial ecosystem, a cleaner electricity system, and reduced in-building fuel combustion. Thus, we estimate the gross job creation, water usage benefits, air quality and public health benefits, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission benefits created by realization of the GeoVision. This set of benefits covers many, but not all, of the important impacts created by this GeoVision.

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