Rate Design & Evaluation

Promoting effective deployment of energy efficiency, end-use electrification, and demand flexibility

Rate Design & Evaluation

We seek to better understand how utility rates and rate design affect the economics of technology adoption and utilization to benefit ratepayers, utilities, and society.

Retail electricity pricing is evolving in the context of broader shifts in how electricity customers pay for grid services and receive compensation for changing the timing of electricity consumption or deploying customer-sited generation. Retail rate designs are also shaped by a range of considerations and stakeholder perspectives that utility regulators must balance when establishing utility rate structures.

EMP’s research explores novel retail rate designs intended to drive greater technology adoption, advance system economic efficiency, and improve system planning and operations. Our work also evaluates the alignment of retail rate designs with policy goals and objectives. Recent highlights include a primer on and survey of electric vehicle retail rate designs, including temporal and locational rate specifics. Recent research has also sought to better understand how different types of customers adopt and respond to alternative rate designs, with and without the use of various enabling technologies.

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