Demand Response & Smart Grid

EMP conducts public interest research on the smart grid and what it enables, including demand response pricing and programs, technologies, data analytics, and operating practices from a market, policy, cost, benefit, and infrastructure performance perspective.

Electric System Planning

Electric system planning requires state-of-the-art data and analysis of electricity supply, demand, and transmission issues, and an understanding of the broad policy environment in which planning occurs. EMP contributes its technical and policy expertise to planning efforts at local, state, regional, and national levels. 

Electricity Reliability & Resilience

Evolving technologies addressing both supply and demand offer great promise for increasing electricity reliability, but a wealth of information and data are needed to provide improved understanding that would enable more informed decision making. To support this need, EMP’s electricity reliability research focuses on both technical and institutional issues, including technology development, metrics and trends, and economic value to electricity consumers.

Energy Efficiency

While energy efficiency programs have been in place in the United States for several decades, the potential of efficiency as an energy resource is vast and remains largely untapped. EMP conducts unbiased research, analysis, and technical assistance on energy efficiency markets and policies, as well as planning, designing, financing, implementing, and evaluating utility customer- and publicly funded programs. It also conducts research on the performance and market trends of the energy service company industry.

Renewable Energy

Widespread and cost-effective deployment of renewable energy depends on resolving associated policy, economic, grid, and public acceptance issues. EMP’s work in these core areas focuses on wind and solar power, though much of this work is crosscutting and applicable to a range of renewable energy technologies.

Technical Assistance to States

The Office of Electricity (OE) provides independent and unbiased technical support to states, regions, and Tribes on their electricity-related policies through its Electricity Policy Technical Assistance Program. Types of assistance offered and activities supported include: analysis assistance; stakeholder-convened discussions; education and training through workshops and webinars; consultations with technical experts. Technical assistance is provided through national laboratories, regional and national associations of state decision-makers, and federal government staff. OE provides technical assistance in response to requests from eligible entities.

Utility Regulation & Business Models

Changing technologies, regulations, markets, and economics make the energy business uniquely challenging. EMP performs quantitative analysis, provides technical assistance, and creates a series of papers on electric utility regulation and business models that involve innovative rate design, technology adoption, grid modernization, and value-added services.

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