Electric System Planning

Berkeley Lab report announcement: Regional Transmission Planning-A review of practices following FERC Order Nos. 890 and 1000

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is pleased to announce the release of a new report: Regional Transmission Planning-A review of practices following FERC Order Nos. 890 and 1000. This report, and its accompanying appendices, build on the work of two prior Berkeley Lab reports on Regional Transmission Plans and Regional Transmission Projects


Setting Baselines for Planning and Evaluation of Efficiency Programs

The key challenge with quantifying savings from end-use efficiency activities is the identification of an accurate baseline from which to determine the savings. Regardless of the protocol or procedure applied, all savings values are determined by estimating likely energy use in the absence of the program or project (the “counterfactual” scenario, or baseline). This webinar will provide an introduction to considerations and common practices for defining baselines, the relationship between baselines and savings attribution, and examples of how different jurisdictions are addressing market baseline studies, setting baselines for retrofit measures, and market transformation program baselines. Speakers from Michigan, California and the Northwest will discuss their experience with these topics and issues.

New Berkeley Lab Report Demonstrates an Approach to Measure the Flexibility of Utility Resource Plans When Planning for Increased Renewables

The Electricity Markets and Policy Group is pleased to announce the release of a new report, Flexibility Inventory for Western Resource Planners.   Deploying more variable generating resources, such as wind and solar, will increase the need for power-system flexibility, but, historically, flexibility has not been systematically evaluated in utility planning studies.   We develop a high-level, year-to-year flexibility inventory that tracks flexibility supply and demand based on utility integrated...


EnergyWire features story on DOE project to reduce energy costs in Alaska's remote communities

EnergyWire highlights a Department of Energy project focused on helping Alaska's remote rural communities reduce their steep energy costs. At the Alaska Rural Energy Conference here, DOE's Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs released a report outlining the challenges and opportunities facing the state's 200 isolated communities that pay some of the highest electricity and heating costs in the nation.

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