Customer Funded Programs-CoSE

The Cost of Saving Electricity Through Energy Efficiency Programs Funded by Utility Customers: 2009–2015

Estimating the cost of saving electricity through U.S. utility customer-funded energy efficiency programs

Trends in the Program Administrator Cost of Saving Electricity for Utility Customer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs

What It Costs to Save Energy

Assessing the cost of energy savings can be a complicated, multilayered process. To inform the efforts of policy makers, program administrators, and other industry stakeholders to evaluate energy costs, the EMP Group tracks and analyzes energy efficiency policies and programs. It maintains the Berkeley Lab Demand-Side Management (DSM) Program Database—now containing nearly 6,000 program-years of program spending and impacts data from 36 states—and uses it to characterize and inventory efficiency programs and to calculate and report on the cost of saving energy.

Flexible and Consistent Reporting for Energy Efficiency Programs: Introducing a New Tool for Reporting Spending and Savings for Programs Funded by Utility Customers

The Total Cost of Saving Electricity Through Utility Customer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs: Estimates at the National, State, Sector and Program Level

The Program Administrator Cost of Saved Energy for Utility Customer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Efficiency Program Typology and Data Metrics: Enabling Multi-State Analyses Through the Use of Common Terminology

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