Renewable Energy

Electricity Markets & Policy's (EMP) work in the area of renewable power generation synthesizes foundational data, conducts original research, and provides technical support to public agencies and others. 

EMP’s work in this area has broad topical coverage, including:

EMP’s work seeks to inform decision-making among regulators, policymakers, grid operators, utilities, the renewable energy industry, and communities impacted by renewable energy development. 

See the Projects tab for more information on the areas in which we work. 

The EMP Group’s renewable energy research falls within four broad and overlapping areas:

Program Analysis and Assistance

The development and deployment of renewable power technologies are affected by regulations, programs, and policies at the local, state and federal levels. The EMP Department works to inform program and policy design through objective research and technical assistance. Among other areas, this includes a long-standing assessment and tracking of state Renewables Portfolio Standards.

Community Impacts and Public Acceptance

Renewable energy development impacts individuals and local communities in myriad ways. The EMP Department produces empirical research on individual and community responses to wind and solar deployment. This includes, among other related research, investigations of the relationships between wind and solar developments and real estate, and a national survey of community attitudes towards wind projects

Grid Operations, Infrastructure, and Valuation

Renewable energy technologies present distinct challenges to power system operations and planning, complicating assessments of grid-system value. The EMP Department works to increase understanding of strategies to reliably integrate renewable energy into the power system, while also advancing methods for grid-system valuation. 

Cost, Benefit and Market Analysis

Renewable power generation is growing rapidly, but each technology exhibits unique cost and performance profiles, and provides different benefits. The EMP Department synthesizes foundational data and conducts innovative analysis on the costs, benefits, performance, and markets for renewable energy technologies. As a component of this work-stream, EMP produces the annual flagship Land-Based Wind Market Report, Utility-Scale Solar report, and Tracking the Sun report series, and collaborates to produce the U.S. Wind Turbine Database



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