Technical Assistance

Evaluating utility business models, market designs, policies, and regulations within the energy system

Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance on changes to utility regulations, policies, and business models to a broad range of industry, regulatory, policy decision-makers, in the U.S. and internationally.

Utility regulation and public policy at the local, state, territorial, and national levels dictate how key entities and organizations interact in retail electric markets. EMP provides technical assistance to a wide array of industry, regulatory, and policy decision-makers, in the U.S. and abroad. Technical assistance includes analyses and technical review memos addressing specific issues, as well as workshops and training materials to educate, inform, and build institutional capacity. Examples of our technical assistance in this area include:

  • Supporting efforts seeking incremental change through the introduction or alteration of performance incentive and revenue adjustment mechanisms (e.g., revenue decoupling) 
  • Supporting more comprehensive reforms to fundamentally alter the role of the electric utility by creating more commercial opportunities (e.g., as an EV charging network owner)

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