Technologies & Strategies

Strengthening the reliability and resilience of the power system

Technologies & Strategies

We assess technologies and strategies to support grid and customer reliability and resilience, and evaluate benefits to the power system, customers, and society.

More frequent grid outages are prompting many industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential customers to adopt technologies and strategies to increase their resilience to these disruptions. For decades, backup generators have provided emergency services, especially for highly sensitive or critical customers. Increased deployment of distributed energy resources, demand flexibility, and control strategies is prompting the need to assess how these technologies may perform during both short- and long-duration power interruptions. Power system planners, electricity regulators, and other stakeholders are interested in understanding the cost-effectiveness of these technologies to foster their adoption as alternatives or complements to traditional infrastructure-hardening measures.

Evaluating resilience-building interventions is a nascent field that can support key aspects of decision-making for the private sector, as well as planners, regulators, and policymakers. EMP’s recent projects have explored the resilience benefits of grid modernization technologies in the remote community of Cordova, Alaska, as well as the county-level mitigation potential of behind-the-meter solar and storage for residential and some commercial customers. The POET project assesses the impacts of backup technologies and characterizes customers’ behavioral response to long-duration interruptions. Similarly, the REPAIR tool finds cost-optimal distribution system upgrades to enhance grid resilience. Another project, the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS), was co-founded by Berkeley Lab in 1999 to research, develop, and disseminate new methods, tools, and technologies to protect and enhance the reliability of the U.S. electric power system and the efficiency of competitive electricity markets.

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