Modeling Tools

LBNL developed and maintains eProject Builder (ePB), a secure web-based data standardization and tracking system for energy projects across the United States. ePB was the recipient of a 2018 R&D 100 award.

The FINancial impacts of Distributed Energy Resources (FINDER) model quantifies changes in utility costs and revenues, as well as the financial impacts to utility shareholders and customers with the addition of demand-side and distributed energy resources (DERs) like energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed solar. The model can also assess incremental changes to utility regulatory and business models, like alternative rate designs, revenue decoupling, and utility financial incentives, and the efficacy of such approaches to mitigate negative financial impacts due to increased DER adoption.

The Resource Planning Portal database gives users instant access to long-term planning information for dozens of load-serving entities (LSEs) across the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s territory. Users have the ability to conduct queries of information contained in the database, compare planning assumptions across LSEs, and download results in an easily-accessible format.