Commercial Rooftop Solar Energy Market Installation Trends

October 3, 2019

The commercial rooftop solar energy market remains an under-developed sector.  The market is estimated to contain 150 gigawatts of potential in the U.S. but it faces significant barriers to deployment to meet that potential.  

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have sought to shed light on the market by performing an analysis of over 30,000 installed solar systems and the properties on which they are located.  The properties covered 20 states and almost 30 different types including industrial, warehouse, school/university, office, retail, and municipal/government. The solar properties were compared to more than 2.4 million non-solar properties in the same geographies. 

This webinar will review the contents of analyses focusing on which property and solar system characteristics are correlated with higher (or lower) levels of solar deployment and how have they changed over time. 

The report titled Commercial PV Property Characterization: An Analysis of Solar Deployment Trends in Commercial Real Estate is available for download here

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