Distribution System Pricing with Distributed Energy Resources

May 31, 2016

This webinar discusses Report No. 4, Distribution System Pricing with Distributed Energy Resources,  in the Future Electric Utility Regulation Series. This report examines pricing issues related to the business relationship between electric distribution utilities and the owners of DERs. At a minimum, utilities will likely continue to supply most owners of DERs with backup and supplemental service and with various other grid services. Utilities will receive power from certain types of DERs and may be able to secure important grid reliability services from DERs as well.The authors of this report have attempted to portray these issues from a perspective in the future, when these resources are assumed to be widespread, when there are “fleets” of thousands and millions of units that are already integrated into the distribution system. The report uses specific resources as examples, intended to illustrate the issues that utilities, regulators and consumers will face, not to exclude potential other resources that may have different impacts.

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