How Does Wind Project Performance Change with Age in the United States?

May 20, 2020

Accurate estimates of lifetime energy generation from wind plants are needed to determine the financial viability of plants and, more broadly, to develop realistic models of wind deployment within electricity markets. One important factor that influences lifetime generation is the rate at which wind plant performance declines with age. In this webinar we present results from the first comprehensive study of how age impacts the performance of wind plants in the United States. We will discuss key results from the study, including how newer projects have seen lower rates of performance decline compared to older projects, how project performance changes when projects age out of the production tax credit window, and how some plant characteristics are correlated with lower or higher rates of performance decline. We will compare our results to the findings from several studies focused on similar topics in European wind fleets. The webinar will provide an overview of the methodology and description of the remaining uncertainties. We will discuss future research directions and respond to questions from viewers.

This study was recently published in Joule. The article is open access and is available here.

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