Utility-Scale Solar, 2023 Edition

October 18, 2023

Berkeley Lab researchers Mark Bolinger and Joachim (“Jo”) Seel present highlights from the newly released “Utility-Scale Solar, 2023 Edition” report. This report presents analysis of empirical plant-level data from the U.S. fleet of ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV), PV+battery, and concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) plants with capacities exceeding 5 MWAC. While focused on key developments in 2022, this report also explores longer-term trends in deployment, technology, capital and operating costs, capacity factors, the levelized cost of solar energy (LCOE), power purchase agreement (PPA) prices, and wholesale market value. The report, published in slide-deck format, is accompanied by an executive summary, a public data file, and interactive data visualizations. All items can be accessed via utilityscalesolar.lbl.gov.

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