Deadline for Deep Dive technical assistance opportunity for PUCs and SEOs extended to June 19th

June 4, 2024

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is extending the application submission deadline for its latest opportunity for state public utility commissions (PUCs) and state energy offices (SEOs) to gain access to high impact technical assistance that will require several person-months of support. The Resources and Assistance for State Energy Offices and Regulators program is now accepting applications for Deep Dive technical assistance requests through June 19th, 2024.  Awardees will be notified in August or September of 2024.

Although this technical assistance opportunity can provide support on virtually any electricity-related issue, it is especially focused on addressing the following key topics:

  • Integrated Grid Planning & End-Use Technology Integration
    • Planning for End-Use Adoption (e.g., DERs – EVs, buildings & industry, PV, energy storage) & Load Forecasting
    • Electric Infrastructure Expansion (e.g., Behind-the-meter, Distribution, or Bulk Power Systems)
    • Regional Coordination with Bulk Power System Operators
  • End-Use, Distribution, and Bulk-Power Operation
    • System Visibility, Control, and Communications
    • Institutional Roles and Responsibilities (e.g., Aggregator vs. Distribution Utility vs. DSO)
    • End-use Device Integration & Flexibility (e.g., Codes, Standards, and Best Practices)
  • Electricity Markets & Compensation
    • Enabling Flexible End-use Technology Participation in Electricity Markets (e.g., EV Managed Charging, Building Demand Response, Behind-the-Meter Storage, etc.)
    • Evolving Retail and Wholesale Services, Participation Models, and Participant Compensation
  • Resource Adequacy, Reliability, and Resilience
    • Resource Adequacy in the Energy Transition
    • Reliability in a Predominately Inverter-Based Resource Environment
    • Impacts of Extreme Weather Given Increased Electrification

Examples of Deep Dive technical assistance requests include:

  • Evaluate the consideration of electric vehicles and the value of vehicle-to-grid applications in future planning activities, specifically as it relates to distribution system planning;
  • Support the development of a draft framework for incorporating equity implications into utility-scale renewable energy (RE) procurement processes; and
  • Hold a series of workshops on forecasting, including basics and best practices associated with different applications (i.e., load, electric vehicles, building electrification) and delve deeper into benchmarking, risk, and uncertainty issues.

A short five-minute overview video of this Deep Dive technical assistance opportunity can be found here.

A recording of the public webinar, jointly hosted by DOE, the National Labs, NARUC and NASEO, that provided details about the program and the application process can be viewed here.

The online application form as well as a downloadable editable PDF version can be found at under the Deep Dive header in section titled “Types of Technical Assistance Offered”.

To further support potential applicants, the National Lab team managing this program will be available to answer specific questions from any PUC or SEO that pertain to their unique proposals. Sign up here for a 30-minute slot during the final virtual office hours session on June 13th from 2-4 PM EDT. Once you reserve your slot, you will receive a calendar invite with teleconference credentials to access the office hours at that time.

Any additional inquiries about the State TA Program more generally and the process for receiving TA can also be directed to the program’s dedicated email account [email protected] or to any of the National Laboratory contacts listed below:

Berkeley Lab

Peter Cappers | [email protected] | (315) 637-0513
Jason Ball | [email protected]) | (510) 384-8404

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Juliet Homer | [email protected] | (509) 375-2698
Jessica Shipley | [email protected] | (509) 371-7540

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Sherry Stout | [email protected] | (303) 275-4281
Michael Ingram | [email protected] | (303) 275-3231

This program is offered in partnership with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) and the National Association of State Energy Offices (NASEO).