The Electricity Markets and Policy Group conducts technical, economic, and policy analysis of energy topics centered on the U.S. electricity sector.  Our current research seeks to inform public and private decision-making on public-interest issues related to energy efficiency and demand response, renewable energy, electricity resource and transmission planning, and electricity reliability. 

Demand Response & Smart Grid

The Electricity Markets and Policy Group conducts public interest research on the smart grid and concepts, technologies and operating practices it enables from a market, policy, cost, benefit, and performance perspective.

Electricity Reliability

The reliability of the electric power system is critical to the economic vitality of the nation and the well-being of society. Electricity reliability depends upon the seamless operation of three independent interconnected power systems that span North America.

Energy Efficiency

As electricity markets evolve and more states operate in an increasingly complex world of multiple program administrators, funding sources and program goals, the value and future roles of these energy efficiency activities are being reassessed.

Regional Electric System Planning

LBNL contributes technical and policy expertise to interconnection-wide and sub-regional planning efforts, specifically focused on methods for incorporating demand-side resources into regional transmission planning and on emerging issues and trends in utility resource planning.

Renewable Energy

We focus on renewable energy markets, policies, costs, benefits, and performance, with an emphasis on wind and solar power, though much of our work is cross-cutting and applicable to a range of renewable power technologies.


The electricity delivery infrastructure is critical for ensuring the reliable delivery of electricity to homes and businesses. Planning and operating this infrastructure is complicated by a variety of technical and institutional factors.