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The energy service company (ESCO) industry has a well-established record of delivering substantial energy and economic savings in the public and institutional buildings sector through ESPC projects. However, lack of standardized approaches to collecting and maintaining project data through the life of a performance-based project has made it challenging for agencies and ESCOs to consistently document, track, and report individual project and broader program performance.

ePB standardizes data collection for ESPC projects nationwide—across ESCOs and all market sectors, including: federal, state, local, K-12, universities and colleges, public housing, health, industrial and private commercial. ePB provides authorized users with a streamlined, standardized, and secure online platform for collecting, housing and reporting their ESPC project data.

ePB enables energy service companies (ESCOs) and their customers to:

  • Upload, track and access ESPC project-level information for the life of the performance contract

  • Quickly generate data for project and portfolio reports

  • Develop project scenarios using standardized amortization calculations

  • Benchmark new ESPC projects against historical project data

Industry benchmarking functionality allows a broader group of stakeholders the ability to compare the performance of a proposed retrofit against aggregated ESCO project data from the LBNL/NAESCO project database—the largest database of ESCO project information in the world. Benchmarking information can be disaggregated by market sector (e.g., federal, K-12 schools, private) and a range of performance metrics such as total project installation costs ($/ft2), simple payback time (years), and annual energy savings (e.g., kBtu/ft2, kWh/ft2, % of baseline energy).

ePB is a free system developed and managed on behalf of the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs (WIP) by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

More information is available on the eProject Builder Help and Documentation page.

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