The Cost and Performance of Utility Commercial Lighting Programs

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The objective of the Database on Energy Efficiency Programs (DEEP) is to document the measured cost and performance of utility-sponsored, energy efficiency, DSM programs. Consistent documentation of DSM programs is a , challenging goal because of problems with data consistency, evaluation methodologies, and data reporting formats that continue to limit the usefulness and comparability of individual program results. This first DEEP report investigates the results of 20 recent commercial lighting DSM programs. The report, unlike previous reports of its kind, compares the DSM definitions and methodologies that each utility uses to compute costs and energy savings and then makes adjustments to standardize reported program results. All 20 programs were judged cost-effective when compared to avoided costs in their local areas. At an average cost of 3.9C/kWh, however, utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs are not "too cheap to meter". While it is generally agreed upon that utilities must take active measures to minimize the costs and rate impacts of DSM programs, we believe that these activities will be facilitated by industry adoption of standard definitions and reporting formats, so that the best program designs can be readily identified and adopted.

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