Electric Vehicle Program Designs and Strategies to Enhance Equitable Deployment

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A sharp increase in federal funding to support the deployment of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is now available and subject to federal and local policies to promote the equitable distribution of program dollars and impacts. As a result, there is an immediate need to center equity as a core objective for electric vehicle infrastructure deployment programs. This report summarizes and discusses common themes and strategies across 64 national, regional, and state-level reports on equity-focused EVSE deployment programs. Overall, three Key Activities and nine Supporting Processes serve as pathways to enhancing equity in deploying EVSE programs. These activities and processes reveal two nationwide practices common to equity-focused EVSE deployment programs: 1) customizing design and implementation strategies through community partnerships, and 2) prioritizing the participation and needs of those impacted directly by an EVSE project. Both practices underscore the significant effect policymakers can have on equity-focused EVSE deployment outcomes by cultivating trust and openness, aligning program goals with community needs, and continuously improving program effectiveness.

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