End-Use Load Profiles for the U.S. Building Stock: Practical Guidance on Accessing and Using the Data

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This report describes example applications and considerations for using the National Renewable Energy Lab’s ResStock and ComStock end use load profiles (EULPs). The report begins with an introduction to the three year project, and then provides an overview of accessing the EULP data, considerations for using the EULPs, and limitations of the data. The remainder of the report is on EULP use cases, including a variety of electricity planning use cases.
The Step-by-Step Examples document walks through four ways to access the EULP data with screenshots and code snippets in R and Python. It also demonstrates how to prepare the EULP data for use in the Time-Sensitive Value Calculator.
The Time Zones, Bills, and Hourly Aggregations spreadsheet performs some common tasks associated with using the EULPs. It (1) converts Eastern Standard Time timestamps into other time zones including Daylight Savings time, (2) allows easy calculation of bills with time-of-use (TOU) rates, and (3) aggregates 15-minute timeseries data into hourly.

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Berkeley Lab recorded a webinar on December 14, 2022, which can be viewed here.
Presenters include:
  • Natalie Mims Frick and Margaret Pigman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Kenji Takahashi, Synapse Energy Economics
  • Arthur Maniaci and Timothy Duffy, New York Independent System Operator
  • Elaina Present, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Amir Roth, U.S. Department of Energy


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