A New Approach to Power Quality and Electricity Reliability Monitoring - Case Study Illustrations of the Capabilities of the I-Grid™ System

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This report describes a new approach for collecting information on power quality and reliability and making it available in the public domain. Making this information readily available in a form that is meaningful to electricity consumers is necessary for enabling more informed private and public decisions regarding electricity reliability. The system dramatically reduces the cost (and expertise) needed for customers to obtain information on the most significant power quality events, called voltage sags and interruptions. The system also offers widespread access to information on power quality collected from multiple sites and the potential for capturing information on the impacts of power quality problems, together enabling a wide variety of analysis and benchmarking to improve system reliability. Six case studies demonstrate selected functionality and capabilities of the system, including:

  • Linking measured power quality events to process interruption and downtime;
  • Demonstrating the ability to correlate events recorded by multiple monitors to narrow and confirm the causes of power quality events; and
  • Benchmarking power quality and reliability on a firm and regional basis.

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