Regional Transmission Planning: A Review of Practices Following FERC Order Nos. 890 and 1000

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order Nos. 890 and 10001 established requirements that transmission planning regions must follow in regional transmission planning and allocating the costs of new transmission facilities. Order No. 890, issued in 2007, outlined general requirements for local as well as regional transmission planning practices and procedures. Order No. 1000, issued in 2011, laid out specific requirements for: (1) regional transmission planning; (2) consideration of transmission needs driven by public policy requirements; (3) non-incumbent transmission development; (4) interregional transmission coordination; and (5) cost allocation for transmission facilities that have been selected in a regional transmission plan for purposes of cost allocation. This report reviews how these FERC orders are being implemented by the 12 transmission planning regions recognized by FERC.

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