Income-targeted marketing as a supply-side barrier to low-income solar adoption

October 29, 2021


Low- and moderate-income (LMI) households remain less likely to adopt rooftop solar than higher-income households. A transient period of inequitable adoption is common among emerging technologies but stakeholders are calling for an accelerated transition to equitable rooftop solar adoption. To date, researchers have focused on demand-side drivers of solar adoption inequity, but supply-side factors could also play a role. In this Webinar, Berkeley Lab researchers will summarize a new paper published in iScience exploring supply-side barriers to rooftop solar adoption by LMI households. The paper uses quote data to explore whether solar installers implement income-targeted marketing and the extent to which such strategies drive adoption inequity. This webinar presents key results showing that installers submit fewer quotes to households in low-income areas and those households that receive fewer quotes are less likely to adopt. This webinar also discusses hypotheses for why rooftop solar installers may use income-targeted marketing.

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