Reliability & Resilience

Strengthening the reliability and resilience of the power system

What We Do

EMP supports reliability and resilience decision-making by assessing performance metrics and trends, estimating the costs of power interruptions, valuing the impact of technologies and strategies, and providing technical assistance to key stakeholders.

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Our Approach

EMP’s reliability and resilience team evaluates risk to the power system and other infrastructure from a range of natural hazards. EMP also collects and disseminates information about historical trends in reliability and resilience. In addition, we identify and pioneer new analytical techniques to estimate power disruption costs to customers – and society. EMP uses this and related information to estimate the value of new technologies and strategies to improve reliability and resilience. Finally, we provide targeted technical assistance and trainings to a range of stakeholders, including utilities, regulatory bodies, government agencies, technology providers, academics, and consultants.

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Recent Publications

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