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Mims, Natalie, Steven R Schiller, Elizabeth Stuart, Lisa C Schwartz, Chris Kramer, and Richard Faesy. Evaluation of U.S. Building Energy Benchmarking and Transparency Programs: Attributes, Impacts, and Best Practices. 2017. LBNL-2001038. Report PDF (4.67 MB) Presentation PDF (3.64 MB)
Darghouth, Naïm R, Galen L Barbose, Andrew D Mills, Ryan H Wiser, Pieter Gagnon, and Lori Bird. "Exploring Demand Charge Savings from Commercial Solar." 2017. LBNL-2001041. Briefing PDF (3.62 MB) Executive Summary PDF (1.2 MB)
Darghouth, Naïm R, Galen L Barbose, Andrew D Mills, Ryan H Wiser, Pieter Gagnon, and Lori Bird. Exploring Demand Charge Savings from Residential Solar. 2017. LBNL-1007030. Report PDF (1.35 MB) Executive Summary PDF (1.2 MB)
Carvallo, Juan Pablo, Alan H Sanstad, and Peter H Larsen. Exploring the relationship between planning and procurement in Western U.S. electric utilities. 2017. LBNL-2001029. Report PDF (914.15 KB)
Satchwell, Andrew, Peter Cappers, and Charles A Goldman. Financial Impacts of a Combined Energy Efficiency and Net-Metered PV Portfolio on a Prototypical Northeast Utility. 2017. LBNL- 1007280. Report PDF (1.31 MB) Summary PDF (538.97 KB)
Glazer, Craig, Jay Morrison, Paul Breakman, Allison Clements, and National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocate. The Future of Centrally-Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets. Ed. Lisa C Schwartz. Vol. FEUR Report No. 7. 2017. LBNL-1007226. Report PDF (1.57 MB) Presentation PDF (3.82 MB)
Hoffman, Ian M. "Gauging the Impact of Various Definitions of Low- and Moderate-Income Communities on Possible Electricity Savings From Weatherization." 2017. LBNL-1007114. Technical Brief PDF (440.5 KB)
Zinaman, Owen R, Alexandra Aznar, Carl Linvill, Naïm R Darghouth, Timon Dubbeling, and Emanuele Bianco. Grid-Connected Distributed Generation: Compensation Mechanism Basics. 2017. Report PDF (860.05 KB)
Millstein, Dev, Ryan H Wiser, Mark Bolinger, and Galen L Barbose. The Health and Environmental Benefits of Wind and Solar Energy in the United States, 2007-2015. 2017. Data Summary XLS (196.45 KB) Presentation PDF (12.96 MB)
Wiser, Ryan H, Andrew D Mills, Joachim Seel, Todd Levin, and Audun Botterud. Impacts of Variable Renewable Energy on Bulk Power System Assets, Pricing, and Costs. 2017. LBNL-2001082. Report PDF (3.57 MB) Presentation PDF (3.28 MB)
Mims, Natalie, Tom Eckman, and Andrew Satchwell. "Integrated Resource Planning: Technical Assistance to the Michigan Public Service Commission." 2017. May 1, 2017 Session PDF (36.2 MB) Aug 8, 2017 Session 1 PDF (6.46 MB) Aug 8, 2017 Session 2 PDF (606.31 KB) Aug 8, 2017 Session 3 PDF (3.56 MB) Aug 8, 2017 Session 4 PDF (824.28 KB)
Schiller, Steven R, Jennifer Potter, David Kathan, Mark S Martinez, and Peter Langbein. "Introduction to Wholesale and Retail Demand Response with a Focus on Measurement and Verification." 2017. Webinar PDF (4.6 MB)
Grevatt, Jim, Ian M Hoffman, and Dale Hoffmeyer. "Keys to the House: Unlocking Residential Savings With Program Models for Home Energy Upgrades." 2017. LBNL-2001035. PDF (1.3 MB)
Hoen, Ben, Joseph Rand, and Sandra Adomatis. Leasing Into the Sun A Mixed Method Analysis of Transactions of Homes with Third Party Owned Solar. 2017. LBNL- 1007003. Summary of TPO Contracts PDF (923.04 KB) Report PDF (561.8 KB)
Schneider, Kevin, Emma Stuart, Murali Baggu, Michael Coddington, Juliet Homer, Lisa C Schwartz, Joseph H Eto, Michael Kintner-Meyer, Mark Newton Lowry, Paul De Martini, Stephen J Rourke, and Andrew D Mills. "NECPUC Distribution Systems & Planning Training." 2017. Agenda PDF (442.56 KB) Distribution Systems 101 PDF (3.88 MB) Advanced Distribution Management Systems and Distribution Automation PDF (5.83 MB) Utility Distribution Planning 101 PDF (1.74 MB) PUC Distribution Planning Practices PDF (1.37 MB) Distribution Planning Practices & Issues in the Region PDF (253.52 KB) Reliability Metrics and Reliability Value-Based Planning PDF (1.28 MB) Metrics and Valuation Framework for Distribution System Planning PDF (2.85 MB) Regulation of Modernizing Power Distributors: Lessons From Research on Performance-Based Regulation PDF (1.91 MB) Data and Analytics for Distribution PDF (1.81 MB) Data and Analytics Extra Info: GMLC Sensors and Measurement Roadmapping Activity PDF (4.13 MB) Next Generation Distribution System Platform (DSPx) PDF (1.32 MB) Forecasting Load on the Distribution System with Distributed Energy Resources Part I PDF (1.85 MB) Forecasting Load on the Distribution System with Distributed Energy Resources Part II PDF (1.89 MB) Distributed Energy Resources (DER) PDF (5.44 MB) Distribution Planning Modeling Tools PDF (2.62 MB)
Mills, Andrew D, Ryan H Wiser, and Joachim Seel. Power Plant Retirements: Trends and Possible Drivers. 2017. LBNL-2001083. Report PDF (1.02 MB)
Kim, Taehoon, Dongeun Lee, Jaesik Choi, Anna C. Spurlock, Alex Sim, Annika Todd, and Kesheng Wu. "Predicting Baseline for Analysis of Electricity Pricing." International Journal of Big Data Intelligence (IJBDI) Vol. 5.No. 1/2, 2018 (2017) 3-20. Report PDF (3.14 MB)
Larsen, Peter H, Brent Boehlert, Joseph H Eto, Kristina Hamachi LaCommare, Jeremy Martinich, and Lisa Rennels. Projecting Future Costs to U.S. Electric Utility Customers from Power Interruptions. 2017. LBNL- 1007027. Report PDF (2.07 MB)
Barbose, Galen L. Putting the Potential Rate Impacts of Distributed Solar into Context. 2017. LBNL-1007060 . Executive Summary PDF (415.02 KB) Report PDF (1.04 MB) Presentation PDF (1.12 MB)
Firestone, Jeremy, Ben Hoen, Joseph Rand, Debi Elliott, Gundula Hübner, and Johannes Pohl. "Reconsidering Barriers to Wind Power Projects: Community Engagement, Developer Transparency and Place." Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning (2017) 1-17. Pre-print Article PDF (460.92 KB) Presentation PDF (2.12 MB)
Eto, Joseph H, and Giulia Gallo. Regional Transmission Planning: A Review of Practices Following FERC Order Nos. 890 and 1000. 2017. LBNL-2001079 . Report PDF (1.18 MB) Appendices PDF (3.08 MB)
Kihm, Steve, Janice Beecher, and Ronald Lehr. Regulatory Incentives and Disincentives for Utility Investments in Grid Modernization. Ed. Lisa C Schwartz. Vol. FEUR Report No. 8. 2017. LBNL-2001032. Report PDF (1.91 MB) Presentation PDF (4.57 MB) Fortnightly Article PDF (340.98 KB)
Wiser, Ryan H, Galen L Barbose, and Mark Bolinger. "Retail Rate Impacts of Renewable Electricity: Some First Thoughts." 2017. LBNL-1007261. Presentation PDF (794.73 KB)
Schiller, Steven R, Greg Leventis, Tom Eckman, and Sean Murphy. SEE Action Guide for States: Guidance on Establishing and Maintaining Technical Reference Manuals for Energy Efficiency Measures. State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action), 2017.
Gagnon, Pieter, Anand Govindarajan, Lori Bird, Galen L Barbose, Naïm R Darghouth, and Andrew D Mills. Solar + Storage Synergies for Managing Commercial-Customer Demand Charges. 2017. LBNL-2001071. Presentation PDF (1.71 MB) Executive Summary PDF (603.96 KB)