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New LBNL Policy Brief Provides Insight on New Sources of EE Financing Capital in the Pacific Northwest


Can financing deliver significant private capital and rapid growth in home energy efficiency improvements? A key element may be attracting secondary-market investors to buy the efficiency loans and thereby replenish funds for a new round of lending. A new policy brief from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, led by efficiency financing expert Peter Thompson, details how two creative financing entities crafted a ground-breaking deal with several novel features that may offer valuable lessons for future efficiency financing transactions.

Energy Policy Expert Lisa Schwartz Joins LBNL Energy Efficiency Team


Energy Policy and Regulatory Expert Lisa Schwartz Has Joined Berkeley Lab as Energy Efficiency Team Leader in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group

ClimateWire: What do renewable portfolio standards cost states? Not a lot, national labs say


For over a decade, state renewable portfolio standards (RPSs) have been a major driver of clean energy in the United States. They've fed the growth of solar and wind power even in the absence of federal climate policy and laid some of the foundations on which U.S. EPA's proposed carbon rule for existing power plants builds.

New Report: Survey of State-Level Cost and Benefit Estimates of Renewable Portfolio Standards


The Electricity Markets and Policy Group is pleased to announce the release of a new report, authored jointly by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and entitled, “A Survey of State-Level Cost and Benefit Estimates of Renewable Portfolio Standards.”

Greentech Media Article on the Closing Cost Gap Between Renewable Energy and Natural Gas


The cost of renewables is steadily catching up to the cost of natrual gas and will soon beat it. According to a panel of researchers at the Windpower 2014 conference, continued improvements in wind and solar technologies are making them a threat to natural gas.

Nuclear Power Also Needed to Combat Climate Change


The Scientific American story on nuclear power to fight climate change quoted Electricity Market & Policy Group's Ryan Wiser.

WEBINAR: The Program Administrator Cost of Saved Energy for Utility Customer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs


On April 2, 2014, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory held a Webinar on the recently released LBNL report The Program Administrator Cost of Saved Energy for Utility Customer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs.

WEBINAR: Developing a Common Language: Introducing a Glossary and Program Typology for Regional and National Energy Efficiency Program Analysis


This webinar was hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency on April 9th, 2014.

Position Opening: Energy Efficiency Team Leader


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is now hiring an Energy Efficiency Team Leader for its Electricity Markets and Policy Group (EMP).

California Trails Texas in Wind Power, Says New Report


A KQED story on how California trails Texas in wind power quoted EMP’s Ryan Wiser.

WEBINAR: Overview and Preliminary Results of ARRA-Funded SGIG Consumer Behavior Studies


This webinar was hosted by the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action) Working Group on Evaluation, Measurement and Verification on April 23rd, 2014.

ClimateWire: New LBNL report offers consistent metric to compare energy efficiency programs


Compared to building a new generator, it's much cheaper for a utility company to coax customers to swap old light bulbs for ones that use less electricity. And it might cost less to convince people to insulate their homes than it does to build new gas pipelines.

Webinar: Relationship Between Wind Turbines and Residential Property Values in Massachusetts


Please join us to learn about the recently released report, commissioned by MassCEC, Relationship Between Wind Turbines and Residential Property Values in Massachusetts.

Relationship between Wind Turbines and Residential Property Values in Massachusetts


A 2014 report by the Electricity Markets & Policy Group’s Ben Hoen has been quoted in several recent news articles.

Webinar: How Energy Efficiency Impacts Utility Revenue and Regulatory Options to Redress Impacts


The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) and EMP staff hosted a webinar on December 5, 2013 for Southeast Regulatory Policy Exercise Participants to discuss the impacts of energy efficiency on utility revenue and the regulatory options to redress impacts. 

We need to talk about utility-scale solar...


Mark Bolinger’s annual report series on utility-scale solar “Utility-Scale Solar 2012: An Empirical Analysis of Project Cost, Performance, and Pricing Trends in the United States” was quoted in the article We need to talk about utility-scale solar… on PV-Tech.

Webinar: Exploring the Rationales and Design Options for Energy Efficiency Financing Programs


A new LBNL technical report provides an overview of the fundamentals of EE financing program planning and design, and provides tools for deciding the objectives and mechanics of EE initiatives. 

New EMP Report on California PV Home Premiums


We are pleased to announce the release of a new Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report, “Exploring California PV Home Premiums.”

Webinar: Renewable Portfolio Standards: Status, Opportunities, and Threats


Galen Barbose, Principle Scientific Engineering Associate of LBNL, and Rick Umoff, Counsel and Regulatory Affairs Manager of SEIA’s State Affairs team, presented an in-depth look at the current status of RPS policies. Galen Barbose  led a data-driven discussion focused on RPS compliance levels, the impact on solar and distributed generation, and lessons learned from RPS policies thus far. Rick Umoff identified opportunities and threats related to RPS policies, updating members on SEIA’s approach and discussing how members can make an impact.

Webinar: Utility-Scale Solar 2012


Berkeley Lab hosted a webinar on October 2, 2013 to run through key findings from a new report that analyzes a wide range of empirical data from large-scale solar projects in the United States. This webinar covers trends in not only installed project costs or prices, but also operating costs, capacity factors, and power purchase agreement (“PPA”) prices.