Integrated Distribution System Planning

Berkeley Lab provides training on Integrated Distribution System Planning — with strong links to bulk power system planning and grid modernization strategies — in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Grid Modernization Initiative. Regional trainings are for state public utility commissions and state energy offices, co-hosted by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, National Association of State Energy Officials, and regional organizations. We also provide education and training for state utility consumer representatives through the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates, governors’ energy advisors through the National Governors Association, and state legislators through the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Regional and state trainings and presentations

Eastern Regional Training: Planning for Distribution Systems, Distributed Energy Resources, and Resilience, November 29-30, 2023 – Washington, D.C.

Abstract: The National Association of State Energy Officials, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory provided training on distribution system planning and resilience planning on November 29-30 in Washington, D.C. for State Energy Offices, public utility commissions, and utility consumer advocates. The training includes 101-level sessions as well as more in-depth technical sessions, interactive activities, and peer-sharing opportunities.

Integrated Distribution System Planning Workshops, New Mexico PRC

Abstract: Berkeley Lab organized workshops on integrated distribution planning for the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. The Commission requested workshops to assist with its inquiry into the potential promulgation of a comprehensive grid modernization rule, pursuant to the state's Energy Grid Modernization Roadmap statute, including consideration of integrated distribution planning.

Resilience Trainings (sponsored by DOE's Grid Deployment Office)

Distribution System Planning: Goals & Objectives, Maine Public Utilities Commission, April 25, 2023

State Approaches for Distribution System Planning, including Grid Modernization - April 13, 2023

New England PUCs training on electricity system planning, May 12, 2022

Western States Training Webinars on Integrated Distribution System Planning February-March 2021

Integrated Distribution System Planning training for the Midwest/MISO region, October 13-15, 2020

Distribution Planning Regulatory Practices in Other States for Oregon Public Utility Commission, May 21,2020

Southeast Regional Training on Distribution Systems & Planning, March 11-12, 2020

Mid-Atlantic Distribution Systems and Planning Training, March 7-8, 2019

Distribution Systems and Planning Training for Western StatesMay 1-3, 2018

Overview of Integrated Distribution Planning Concepts and State ActivityMarch 13, 2018

Midwest Distribution Systems & Planning TrainingJanuary 16-17, 2018

NECPUC Distribution Systems & Planning Training, September 27-29, 2017

Overview of Distribution Planning Efforts for Minnesota Public Utilities CommissionOctober 24, 2016


National trainings and presentations

Distribution and Grid Modernization Planning to Accelerate Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources - April 13, 2023
Lisa Schwartz
Meeting Recording & Slides

PUC Peer-Sharing Webinars on Integrated Distribution System Planning February 27-June 12, 2023

  • Evaluating Cost-Effectiveness of Grid Modernization Investments - Kick-off presentation by Dr. Fredrich Kahrl, Berkeley Lab/3rdRail, Inc., and Paul De Martini, Newport Consulting Group, Recording & SlidesFebruary 27, 2023
  • Forecasting Loads and Distributed Energy Resources - Kick-off presentation by Sean Morash, Telos Energy, Recording & SlidesMarch 20, 2023
  • Reviewing Utility Distribution Plans - Kick-off presentation by Tim Woolf, Synapse Energy Economics, Recording & Slides, April 10, 2023
  • Advancing Equity Considerations in Distribution System Planning - Kick-off presentation by Jennifer Yoshimura, Energy Justice and Equity Leader, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Recording & Slides, May 1, 2023
  • Non-Wires Alternatives - Kick-off presentation by Josh Bode, Demand Side Analytics, Recording & SlidesMay 22, 2023
  • Developing Requirements for Utility Distribution Plans - Kick-off presentation by Lisa Schwartz, Berkeley Lab, Recording & Slides, June 12, 2023

Coordinated Planning with Consideration for Resilience and Equity, for NASUCA 2022 Annual Meeting, November 15, 2022
Joseph Paladino, USDOE

Coordinating Distribution, Transmission and Resource Planning, June 29, 2022
Paul De Martini, Alan Cooke, Fritz Kahrl
Meeting Recording & Slides

Resource, Asset and Contingency Planning with Climate Variability, June 27, 2022
Juliet Homer 
Meeting Recording & Slides

NASUCA June 2022 mid-year meeting, June 12-15, 2022

Technical Training for NASUCA Members on Contemporary Electricity System Issues, October-November 2021

Innovations in Electricity Modeling: Virtual Training Series for National Council on Electricity Policy, October 1-November 1, 2021 (slides and other series information). Videos for each session are linked immediately below.

  • Introduction to Tools to Support Comprehensive Electricity Planning October 1, 2021
    • Tools and Methods for Distribution System Planning with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), Juliet Homer and Tom McDermott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Recording link
    • Modeling Tool Integration for Comprehensive Electricity Planning, JP Carvallo, Berkeley Lab Recording link
  • State of the Art Practices for Modeling Storage in Integrated Resource Planning October 12, 2021 Recording link
  • Integrating DERs into Bulk Power System Planning October 20, 2021
    • Sequential Integrated Analysis of DERs in Distribution and Bulk Power Systems, JP Carvallo, Berkeley Lab Recording link
    • Energy Efficiency and Demand Response as Resource Options in Bulk Power System Planning, Natalie Mims Frick, Berkeley Lab Recording link
  • Planning for Climate Variability Monday, November 1, 2021
    • Load forecasting with climate variability for transmission and distribution system planning, Rui Yang, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Juliet Homer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Recording link
    • Resource, asset, and contingency planning with climate variability
      John Fazio, Northwest Power and Conservation Council, and Robert Lempert, RAND Corporation Recording link
      Juliet Homer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Recording link

Planning Electricity Systems with Distributed Energy Resources for NASUCA Members - October 2020

  • Planning for Energy Storage – Jeremy Twitchell (PNNL) and Andrew Mills (Berkeley Lab) Webinar & Slides, October 30, 2020
  • Demand Flexibility as a Utility System Resource  -Natalie Mims Frick (Berkeley Lab)  Webinar & SlidesOctober 29, 2020
  • Planning for Electric Vehicles and Strategies for Managing Charging – Doug Black and Jason MacDonald (Berkeley Lab) and Michael Kintner-Meyer (PNNL) Webinar, Slides, and other resourcesOctober 23, 2020
  • Impacts of Distributed Energy Resources on Net Loads and Approaches for Actively Managing Load Shapes – Chandler Miller (Berkeley Lab) Webinar, Slides, and other resources, October 22, 2020

Energy System Planning for a Modern Electric Grid, National Governors Association Energy Policy Institute, Presentation SlidesAugust 25, 2020

Distribution System Planning Training for NASUCA Members, June 21, 2019

Evolving Approaches to Electricity System Planning, March 14, 2019

Distribution Technology Training for NASUCA MembersOctober-November 2018

  • Reliability Metrics and Reliability Value-Based Planning - Joe Eto (Berkeley Lab) Webinar and SlidesNovember 13, 2018
  • Benefit-Cost Frameworks for Utility-Facing Investments in Distribution - Tim Woolf (Synapse Energy Economics) Webinar and Slides, November 11, 2018
  • Distribution System Controls and Automation - Barry Mather (NREL) Webinar and SlidesOctober 31, 2018
  • Metrics and Valuation Frameworks for System Planning - Michael Kintner-Meyer (PNNL) Webinar and Slides, October 10, 2018



DOE and partner publications

State Energy Offices’ Engagement in Electric Distribution Planning to Meet State Policy Goals by Sean Murphy and Lisa Schwartz, Berkeley Lab, Catherine Reed, Marion Gold, and Kirsten Verclas, NASEO, November 2023

Emerging Best Practices for Electric Utility Planning with Climate Variability: A Resource for Utilities and Regulators, by Juliet S. Homer, Alan C. Cooke, Kamila Kazimierczuk, Rebecca Tapio, Julie Peacock, Abigail King, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, May 2023

Integrated Resilient Distribution Planning, Paul De Martini, Jeff Taft,  Andrew De Martini, and Mary Hall, Newport Consulting and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, May 2022

Electric Distribution System Planning with DERs — Tools and Methods, by J.S. Homer, Y. Tang, J.D. Taft, D. Lew, D. Narang, M. Coddington, M. Ingram, A. Hoke, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, March 2020

Modern Distribution Grid Project

Summary of Electric Distribution System Analyses with a Focus on DERs, by Y. Tang, J.S. Homer, T.E. McDermott, M. Coddington, B. Sigrin, B. Mather, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, April 2017

Distribution system infographic, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory







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