Energy Market Design & Assessment

Evaluating utility business models, market designs, policies, and regulations within the energy system

Energy Market Design & Assessment

We evaluate the evolving public policy landscape and new competitive pressures impacting both vertically integrated and restructured energy markets.

As the demand for renewable energy and distributed generation grows, traditional market structures, energy pricing, supply-demand dynamics, and investment patterns are all subject to change. EMP investigates how these emerging trends impact key institutions within vertically integrated and restructured energy markets across the globe. For instance, we perform analytical studies of how renewable energy, transmission policies, and electricity storage drive various changes in wholesale electricity markets. We also work to document both existing and emerging regulatory frameworks to better understand how market design rules impact the competitive pressures within the energy sector.

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Recent Publications

Kemp, Julie Mulvaney, Miguel Heleno, and Andrew D. Mills."Hybrid Power Plant Bidding in Models of Future Electricity Systems."2023 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM) (2023). DOI
Future Electric Utility Regulation Series